Incubation & Warehousing for an innovative provider of web performance testing and monitoring solutions based the US

  • The Challenges
  • Our Approach & Solutions
  • Impact/ Benefits
  • The organization required a quick and easy solution to having a presence in India while firming up their India strategy
  • The Phase I size of the organization (Sub-50 people) precluded having full-time support functions
  • Lack of appropriate infrastructure to house the team
  • Non-existence of localized policies (including benefits) or local general management support
  • Hiring challenges as a result of on-the- ground support
  • A comprehensive incubation program that includes hiring & employing people, providing all required facilities and shared services support
  • All people staffed under CaptiveAide rolls with complete onboarding and handholding
  • Ready, fully fitted-out office space to house people – customized seating provided
  • Provision of ready-made Talent policies and practices under the aegis of CaptiveAide
  • Ensured compliance, adherence to administrative, IT, risk & security policies
  • Full ownership with complete governance – risk & controls
  • Weekly reporting and monthly calls
  • Local support team for employees, SPOC provided to the client for all operational & functional issues
  • Quickly enabled access to and management of high quality India talent as a precursor to setting up its own entity in India
  • Comprehensive solution for an overseas organization to leverage India and yet, set up their own entity only when it reaches a critical size
  • Client retained direct access to their people and control of their work
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