Transformation and change management diagnostic for the Captive of a storage and information management S&P500 company for movement from Captive 1.0 to 2.0 maturity and doubling in size

  • The Challenges
  • Our Approach & Solutions
  • Impact/ Benefits
  • The India entity had grown with multiple Lines of Business without a prescribed playbook
  • Captive LOBs were ‘extensions of the parent’, functioning with siloed operations, different structures and operating models
  • All controls resided with the parent managers
  • Low on metrics and process maturity, standardization
  • Extensive cross border meetings with global/ local stakeholders to assess ground issues
  • Provided detailed strategic and operational recommendations across
    • Mandate(old and new)
    • Organization Structure
    • Operating Models
    • Roles & Responsibilities
    • Culture & Communications
    • Governance, Risk & Controls
  • The new structure facilitated movement to an optimized GSSC with directional path to a COE
  • Provided New Structure, RASCIs , JDs, Operational KPIs, Governance Dashboards and review mechanisms, culture, career & leadership interventions for the new organization
  • Developed an 18-month Change Management roadmap and plan to get to Captive 2.0
  • Clear road map for growth and sharing of the vision, culture and mandate between parent company and offshore captive
  • The medium term goal of 15 – 20% productivity improvements and 2x long term benefits.
  • Provides for seamless and smooth workflow across all processes
  • Organization structure and operating model brings resilience & optimization to scale and grow
  • Operating Models and KPIs drive the organization towards superior productivity & performance
  • COEs models for identified areas to bring greater ROI
  • Global stakeholders have perspective and methodology to scale their presence at the center
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