Case 1 : Risk Free Setup through Run and Build of an India captive entity to leverage India and build globally competitive service models, for one of the world’s leading outsourcing advisory firms

  • The Challenges
  • Our Approach & Solutions
  • Impact/ Benefits
  • The organization wished to leverage the advantages of India to be more competitive in the global marketplace for their consulting services
  • The client also had, via an acquisition, an existing entity in India, that developed a proprietary product for the company
  • The approach was to set up a new company-owned entity in India and merge the existing entity into the new company
  • Developed the business case and budgets
  • Used our Entry-Transition-Operate-Transform-Switch(ETOTS) Model to execute on the plan
  • Conducted workshops to orient the senior leadership on getting the offshore plan right; also conducted two way culture workshops
  • Completed the location study and identified the right facilities, provided the design for IT infrastructure and employee facilities and ensured completion in tie for the first batch of recruits
  • Deployed our ecosystem partners to provide support across Finance, IT, Administration, Recruitment and HR Administration
  • Localized the global HR mandates and policies, developed locally appropriate Role and Compensation structures
  • Hired / provided the core team of managers for the facility
  • Continue to provide local oversight & governance
  • Reduced time and below budget entity establishment
  • Nil non-compliances across all financial, legal and people processes
  • Significant cost savings during setup (~20%)
  • Quality talent hired despite client being a lesser known brand locally
  • Smooth integration of the existing entity and its people and assets into the new company
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