Expand Your Footprint into India with Risk-free GCC Setup
Set up your frictionless growth engine in India with a strategic Global Competency Center (GCC). With zero business impact, continue hassle-free on your global expansion journey with our proven models and strategies for GCC success. 

CaptiveAide PRIME - Platform for Risk-free Implementation and Meticulous Execution
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Strategic Point-of-view

CAP – The Playbook that Unlocks Risk-Free Expansion

Entering new markets can be daunting when you are unaware of the setup processes and legal complications. Especially in India, where accessibility, openness, and structures are present, but the approach requires a carefully planned strategy.

Distilled with the wisdom and knowledge of years, Captive Aide Playbook offers end-to-end GCC solutions – from set up services to transitioning services. The Playbook enables complete GCC lifecycle management through in-depth assessment, business case evaluation, entry models, Build-Operate-Transfer approach, ROI justification.

With our proven change management strategies, accelerate your expansion efforts in one of the world’s fastest growing economy.

Multiple entry Strategies

 Understand and decide which one is right for your organization

Leave the hassle of company formation, FIPB approval, and legal structures to the experts while you focus on growth. We help you adhere to industry regulations and a build a team with a strong commitment to ethical practices.

Manage IP, save cost, optimize processes, and enter new markets – without getting entangled in growth complications. We offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to propel your business forward.

Foster an environment where employees embody your core values. We ensure your workplace culture reflects your mission, values, and overall organizational goals.

Achieve stability and momentum during the transition period by hiring leaders with extensive experience. We prepare your organization for a smooth handover to a permanent leader. 

Get access to skilled professionals who go above and beyond. We build a high-performing team for you that leads to impactful delivery at every stage.

Benefit Point-of-view

Your GCC Journey, Risk Absorbed and Simplified.

We are practioner-consultants for complete GCC lifecycle management. With CaptiveAide, invest in the best strategies, talent, and processes for your GCC success. 

CaptiveAide’s ecosystem

Your Gateway to India Leadership

1. infrastructure

- Ready Furnished Office spaces
- SEZ Facilities
- Cloud & Hosting Providers
- Hardware & Software License Providers
- Infrastructure Support teams

5. external ecosystem

- Investment Bankers
- System Providers
- Insurance Providers
- National Skill Registry

4. compliance

- Legal
- Financial
- Statutory/Regulatory
- IP/ Licences

2. people

- VP/Director level leaders who are hands on
- Transition leads
- Company Secretary
- HR Team
- Administration team
- Optimization team

3. process

- Hiring
- Operations
- Shared Services
- Quality

Journey perspective

GCC Setup with CaptiveAide: Never Too Early (or Late)

When entering India, you need a launchpad that can make the expansion process seamless. With CaptiveAide’s entry models and strategies for Global Compete ncy Centers (GCCs), make your mark in India and establish operation-specific centers or a center of excellence. From market entry to long-term growth, access the tools and expertise to thrive in the Indian market. Advisory > Delivery > Value – expand at any phase.

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Minimize Risk, Maximize Gains. Launch your GCC Journey with CaptiveAide.