We offer a Risk Managed, full lifecycle model to our clients.

This includes the Articulation of the ROI, Entry strategy, Initial establishment of the required entity.

GCC 1.0: We take responsibility to Setup, Build & Transition, Stabilize and Run the local entity on behalf of the global enterprise. As your local corporate function, we provide local governance and oversight.

GCC 2.0: We are at hand to help you scale, transform and extend your entity to reap the benefits of true business value and impact

Our Entry -Transition – Operate – Transform – Switch (ETOTS) approach addresses the full lifecycle of your Global Capability Center and includes the seamless handover to the parent organization



  • If you are exploring the possibility of setting up your own entity, chances are that you would have considered doing so for very many reasons: Strategic, Operational or both!
  • Whether you have never outsourced offshore or you would like to de-risk your strategy through setting up your own entity, there are several challenges.

The CaptiveAide Advantage

  • CaptiveAide brings to the table expertise, knowledge and hands-on experience of Setting up and building organizations of scale and complexity to make your entry risk-managed and easy.
  • The founding team are all CxO leaders and, along with our core team, are practitioner consultants with 250+ years of combined experience
  • We offer an array of strategic entry solutions, all of which our experienced team have worked on.
  • We have a Single Window approach (and capability!) for the myriad pieces that require to be put in place for successful Entry, Set up, Run, Transform & Handover
  • All GICs & ER&D centers come to an inflection point in their lifecycle where they revisit their Raison d’etre – their mandate, their operating model maturity for their new mandate, or they simply must make the leap to a new level of scale, complexity / business value add..

The CaptiveAide Advantage

  • The team at CaptiveAide are practitioner-consultants who have run, transformed and managed large scale organizations and complex transformations. The combined experience of the core team is >250 years.
  • As change management enablers, we offer fail-safe solutions to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to get to.
  • To ensure the Success Criteria, CaptiveAide will go beyond advisory to Design, Implementation, monitoring & governing across the existing & new strategies & ecosystems
  • Our DAR framework for diagnosis and our DIMI framework for Solutioning & Change Implementation are the Insight and Action halves of the whole transformation cycle
  • Communication Design, Interim Leadership and Leadership Hiring are key services that are also provided for successful change management
  • CaptiveAide understands that organizations require an option for a quick start up to leverage all the benefits of control & offshoring while not necessarily setting up your own entity
  • The Incubation solution includes:
    • Ready-to-use infrastructure for start up teams
    • Shared services for:
      • Hiring
      • Secretarial & Front Office
      • Security & Housekeeping
      • HR & Compliance
      • Accounts & Employee payroll administration
      • Travel / Logistics & Accommodation
      • IT & Secure networks
  • Our Warehousing Solution includes all of the above with the added advantage of CaptiveAide providing warehousing for your people till such time that you are ready to move forward with your local entity
  • Organizations that Set up or exist as small entities would typically find it difficult to engage the services of dedicated, experienced people to provide Leadership on a full time basis
  • Additionally, the hiring cycle of a leader is typically long and the competencies of a leader who has to Set up the entity and Build it (entrepreneurial) would be different from a leader who needs to maintain steady state (Managerial Influencer)
  • CaptiveAide provides both – interim leadership and leadership hiring.
    • Interim Leadership lends itself well for positions that Currently require the expertise of an experienced leader till such time that the organization is ready to move forward to the next stage of evolution
    • Leadership Hiring is a service that CaptiveAide provides when the organization decides the position is critical for full-time fulfillment We bring our experience and expertise to the search process.
  • Organizations that Set up or exist as small entities would typically find it difficult to engage the services of dedicated, experienced people to provide functional and administrative support on a full time basis.
  • The risks of hiring people with little experience are high and would not be an optimal solution and the risk of disengagement of an experienced hire who is not fully occupied is not worth taking.
  • In order that this dilemma can be solved in a satisfactory manner, CaptiveAide provides its Shared Services Solutions in the following areas
  • Hiring
  • Secretarial & Front Office
  • Security & Housekeeping
  • HR & Employment Law Compliance
  • Accounts & Employee payroll administration
  • Travel / Logistics & Accommodation
  • IT & Secure networks
  • Optimization & Transition
  • Whether your organization would look at an Acquisition as an entry strategy or M&A as part of your transformation journey, the CaptiveAide team has the credentials to assist with the exercise
  • Our Services extend to Advising on the Merger/ Acquisition, Management of the Integration as well as Hiring of the Core Team Should there be a requirement to do so.
  • CaptiveAide’s Retained Representation solution is typically provided for organizations that would like to enter and leverage the local market
  • Retained Representation includes
    • Product strategy & market representation
    • Business Development Connects
    • Fund Raising solutions
  • Retained Representation also includes:
    • Business case development & market evaluation
    • Representation for the go-to-market cycles
    • Representation in niche areas (Quality & security certifications; Strategic HR; Business Transformation; Change Management; Transition of existing entities etc.)