Fast-track your expansion in India with a risk-free model

Take advantage of our incubation & warehousing model(a.k.a. plug & play/virtual) to quick start your operations in India. We handle the heavy lifting, you focus on service delivery – and transition into your owned entity, whenever you are ready.

Strategic Point-of-view

Seamlessly navigate the nuances of India expansion

Incubating your entity in India is a promising market entry model. But talent crunch, bureaucratic hurdles, and infrastructure unawareness can dissuade you from expanding your footprint in the country. Navigating the complex maze of incubation is time consuming and delays the setup process.

CaptiveAide incubation and warehousing helps to quickly initiate your India operations with  ready-to-use infrastructure and compliance management. 

Benefits Point-of-view

Warehousing and incubation for focused expansion

Finding the right talent when you enter India is a real challenge. Skilled professionals are often concentrated, and companies on the path to fast-track their India entry do not have time for talent acquisition. CaptiveAide’s warehousing provides the distinct advantage of hiring professionals without any effort. You can build your India team with people working on our payroll.

And building all the infrastructure from scratch is quite a challenge. Our incubation model provides you a readymade physical, knowledge, and network infrastructure to expand your operations in India with ease. You can focus on delivering value while we setup everything for you.

Minimize time wastage

No need to worry about incorporating your entity. Setup your operations under CaptiveAide and start performing at peak levels within a quick span of time.

Stay focused on delivery

While you take care of actual service delivery, we handle the entire process of setting up. Our expertise lies in streamlining HR & compliance, hiring, finance & administration, and IT & secure networks.

Eliminate employee compliance management

All employees are hired on CaptiveAide's payroll under the warehousing model. We take care of local employee regulations while you get the best out of them.

Expand at will

Our advisors evaluate your operations and prepare a complete roadmap for transitioning into a service provider. When you reach the right size, we will help to setup your owned entity. 

How it works

Your launchpad for successful GCC launch

The potential benefits of incubation in India are undeniable. But getting lost in setup challenges, hiring and leadership, and limited access to local resources is also common. Operational bottlenecks and missed opportunities prohibit your growth.

CaptiveAide’s Playbook, the framework for risk-free GCC setup, enables smooth setup under its warehousing model. We de-risk, setup, build, operate, and transfer your entity into a service provider with ease – entailing a successful launch in India.

client spotlight

Successful GCC Journeys

Our client required a quick and easy solution to having a presence in India while firming up their India strategy.

The Phase-1 size of the India center of sub-50 people precluded having full-time support functions locally. There was a lack of appropriate infrastructure to house the team. There were no localized policies (including benefits) or local general management support and there were significant hiring challenges on this account.

CaptiveAide put together a comprehensive incubation program that included hiring and employing the right people, providing all required facilities and shared services support.

All the people were staffed under CaptiveAide rolls with complete on-boarding and staff support being provided locally.

We housed the local team in a ready, fully fitted-out office space with customized seating. Our comprehensive, ready-made Talent policies and practices ensured compliance, adherence to administrative, IT, risk and security policies.

CaptiveAide took up full ownership with complete governance for the India center and it’s staff, setting up controls and helping manage risks. Weekly reporting and monthly calls were set up with all stakeholders and a local support team was made available to India staff. An experienced SPOC was  provided to the client for all operational and functional issues.

This enabled our client to quickly access the infrastructure, operating model and high quality talent in India as a precursor to setting up their own entity in India.

Our comprehensive solution enabled the overseas enterprise to leverage India without having to set up their own entity till they reached a critical size. Our client retained direct access to their people and control of their work right through the engagement.

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