De-risk Your GCC and Accelerate Your Success

Get a growth-focused GCC, minus the risk with CaptiveAide’s De-risk, Build, Operate, Transfer (D-BOT) model. Go beyond India expansion challenges with our expertise in mitigating GCC risks, setting up and running the center, and transferring whenever you are ready.

Strategic Point-of-view

A secure foundation for your GCC setup in India

Entering unknown territories always possess the risk of failure. There’s always the challenge of your GCC not performing up to the mark. You may have to make compromises in talent acquisition or implement basic technologies that don’t deliver desired outcomes. Lack of internal know-how in India can seriously impact your GCC’s growth.

CaptiveAide’s De-risk, Build, Operate, Transfer (D-BOT) model lays a strong foundation for your GCC success from day one. A structured and efficient approach to establishing and managing your center, D-BOT mitigates all initial and long-term risks, helps build a scalable and adaptable center, and ensures a smooth handover. It empowers you to achieve your long-term GCC goals in India.

How we do it?

CaptiveAide D-BOT: GCC launchpad to expedite expansion

While entering India, you will feel pressured to do more with less. Efficiency, cost savings, and access to a suitable talent pool will take center stage. But these are secondary challenges compared to your processes, which may not be outlined and implemented properly. Traditional GCC approaches offer limited expertise, come with hidden costs, and work in siloes. They are fraught with challenges, putting your entire GCC at risk. 

PRIME – The CaptiveAide’s proprietary playbook, ensures seamless implementation of D-BOT for successful GCC launch. Our comprehensive frameworks assesses the business case, ensures careful planning and implementation, identify opportunities to scale and stabilize, and smoothly transitions the center to your entity. The D-BOT model focuses on – 

De-risking Launch

We assess your GCC needs and develop a business case based on our detailed analysis. The D-BOT model breaks down the GCC implementation into a phased approach, allowing for course correction and adjustments.

Seamless Build and Operate

From technology selection to talent acquisition to process automation, our experts take care of every aspect of your GCC setup. We design D-BOT to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring hassle-free expansion at later stages.

Successful Transfer

Our D-BOT model fosters knowledge transfer through workshops, mentorships, and collaborative process documentation. We equip your team with the expertise to operate and own the GCC, positioning you for long-term growth.

Case 1 : Risk Free Setup through Run and Build of an India captive entity to leverage India and build globally competitive service models, for one of the world’s leading outsourcing advisory firms.

  • The client wanted to leverage the India story to be able to be more competitive in the global marketplace for their consulting services
  • The client also had, via an acquisition, an existing entity in India, that developed a proprietary product for the company, but was unsuited to be grown as the larger entity
  • The approach was to set up a new company-owned entity in India and merge the existing entity into the new company
  • Developed the business case and budgets
  • Used our Transition Operate Transform Outcomes (T-O-T-O) Model to execute on the plan
  • Conducted workshops to orient the senior leadership on getting the offshore plan right; also conducted two way culture workshops
  • Completed the location study and identified the right facilities, provided the design for IT infrastructure and employee facilities and ensured completion in tie for the first batch of recruits
  • Deployed our ecosystem partners to provide support across Finance, IT, Administration, Recruitment and HR Administration
  • Localized the global HR mandates and policies, developed locally appropriate Role and Compensation structures
  • Hired / provided the core team of managers for the facility
  • Continue to provide local governance and support
  • On time and below budget entity establishment
  • Nil non-compliances across all financial, legal and people processes
  • Significant cost savings during setup (~20%)
  • Quality talent hired despite client being a lesser known brand locally
  • Smooth integration of the existing entity and its people and assets into the new company

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