Leadership for Fast and Focused Expansion

CaptiveAide provides interim leadership to fast-track setting up your GCC in India with the right expertise. When you are stable and optimized, we help you find experienced leaders who can make long-term decisions and undertake full-time leadership responsibility.

Strategic Point-of-view

Experienced leadership for seamless setup and expansion

GCC teams often feel frustrated in the initial phase because they lack the right direction. Without an experienced leader, every decision – whether strategic or operational – translates into failed outcomes, functional delays, or missed opportunities. The right guidance is not only essential for the team’s morale or efficient results, but for the overall success of your GCC.

CaptiveAide provides domain experts with functional expertise to set up your GCC. We hire interim leaders who offer immediate strategic guidance, enable cultural alignment, and minimize the risks in smooth transition to India. When it’s time, we identify a skilled leader who can take the reign for long-term value delivery. We support your India operations by providing – 

How we do it?

Finding the right talent to match your India vision

Hiring leadership is a complex and slow process. Finding skilled individuals who can take responsibility and accountability to realize your vision in India requires lengthy research, multiple evaluations, and a long-term commitment. It hinders with your GCC setup and slows down the overall decision-making process. 

We help you avoid this challenge through a comprehensive yet simple process of hiring the right leaders who align with your vision in India. Our deep understanding of hiring leadership – both interim and full-time – helps us find the best fit for your organization. We ensure a successful launch for your GCC with the leaders who can provide strategic guidance for your growth. From leadership hiring strategy to placement, we take care of everything through –

  • Preparation of Job Descriptions
  • AI-based search and shortlisting
  • Initial screening meetings
  • Mutual expectation setting
  • Interview scheduling & coordination
  • Profile assessment tests
  • Compensations & benefits structuring and negotiations

Benefits Point-of-view

Delivering future-proof GCC leadership transitions

Your GCC launch timelines gets severely affected because of the unavailability of the right leaders. And filling leadership positions quickly is riskier than not hiring at all. What if you hire someone with cultural misunderstandings? You are also prone to blind spots in the talent pool, missing on great leaders who could have elevated your operational capabilities.

CaptiveAide creates a sustainable leadership hiring pipeline that eliminates all the challenges in finding the perfect fit for your GCC. We drive your growth by providing experienced leaders who are skilled in setting up and taking charge of GCC setup in India. Ours is a complete and comprehensive solution for leadership hiring, which offers benefits like – 

Accelerated leadership hiring

We have a pre-vetted pool of interim and full-time GCC leaders with expertise in the Indian market, which significantly reduces the screening time. Onboard quickly and kickstart your expansion plans.

Reduced risks

CaptiveAide's expertise lies in identifying and hiring leaders with deep market understanding, compliance expertise, and long-term focus. Minimize potential risks by hiring experienced leaders from the outset.

Access the right talent

Our targeted and domain-specific search strategies identify candidates who are perfect fit for your leadership requirements. Attract the top GCC leadership talent in India from our wide network of professionals.

Complete leadership support

We ensure a smooth transition by providing onboarding support for leaders, leadership development resources, and offer guidance on performance management. Thrive in the Indian market with our comprehensive leadership hiring and support.

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