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When it’s time to refine your purpose and level-up your growth, transformation enables you to swiftly take the leap. Adapt to changing business needs, secure long-term value, and drive a strategic advantage – all leading to maximum business impact. 

Strategic Point-of-view

Transform your GCC for sustainable success

Transformation is critical. The stakes are high. You have reached a point where the mandate, operating models, and scale requires modification. At this moment, you can’t afford a failed process. Slow and inefficient transformation can stall growth, lead to disruptions in workflows, cause employee dissatisfaction, and even result in reputational damage.

CaptiveAide crafts a comprehensive transformation strategy for you by going beyond advisory to design, implementation, monitoring & governing across existing and new strategies, and ecosystems. Our DAR and DIMI framework take care of the whole transformation cycle for you by providing the solutions and change management strategies needed for easy scaling and process modification.

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Benefits Point-of-view

Redefine business value with zero disruptions

Early GCCs were set up with the goal of cost saving. But as they mature, they need to evolve their capabilities to deliver strategic value and handle increased complexity. Here, the talent gap increases due to lack of skilled professionals. Regulatory requirements also become intricate. The overall process is filled with lost productivity and missed opportunities.

CaptiveAide has run, transformed, and managed small to large scale organizations by providing complete transformation lifecycle management. We enable you to transform into a Center of Excellence (CoE), expand into an innovation hub or scale to meet the growing demands of your business in India. Our transformation capabilities help you navigate the immense complexities of expansion with ease.


We are practioner-consultants with a combined experience of 250 years. Our team brings in the specific skills and expertise needed for transforming your venture.

Change management enablers

We offer fail-safe solutions to help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We design custom strategies for minimizing resistance during transformation.

Zero business impact

We identify areas of transformation and streamline processes with minimal disruption. We equip you with agility and scalability to maximize your business potential in India.

Sustainable value delivery

CaptiveAide experts delivers long-term value by building a strong foundation during the transformation phase. We create a positive transformation experience to help you achieve sustainable growth.

How it works?

Integrated Model for Complete GCC Transformation

CaptiveAide’s 360-degree transformation model ensures no step is overlooked. It encompasses complete strategic alignment, talent optimization, communication design, interim leadership, technological enablement, infrastructure and administrative reorganization, and change management. We make operational excellence in transformation, possible. 

Transformation and change management diagnostic for the Captive of a storage and information management S&P500 company for movement from Captive 1.0 to 2.0 maturity and doubling in size.

Our client’s India entity had grown with multiple Lines of Business without a prescribed playbook. Captive LOBs were ‘extensions of the parent’, functioning with siloed operations, different structures and operating models. All controls resided with the parent managers, each of whom was running their operations without a unifying model in place, resulting in people issues, governance that was low on metrics, process maturity, standardization.

We started the transformation assignment with extensive cross-border consultations with global and local stakeholders to assess all the ground issues.

We then provided detailed strategic and operational recommendations across all operating parameters including a review of:

  • The business case and mandates (old and new)
  • Organization Structure
  • Operating Models
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Culture & Communications
  • Governance, Risk & Controls
  • The new structure facilitated movement to an optimized GSSC with directional path to a COE
  • Provided New Structure, RASCIs , JDs, Operational KPIs, Governance Dashboards and review mechanisms, culture, career & leadership interventions for the new organization
  • Developed an 18-month Change Management roadmap and plan to get to Captive 2.0

Our works resulted in the client being able to develop a clear road map for growth with a shared vision, culture and mandate between parent company and offshore center.

The plan and execution support provided for seamless and smooth workflow across all processes. A new organization structure and operating model brought resilience and optimization to scale and grow the India center. Operating Models and KPIs drive the organization towards superior productivity and performance.

The COEs models for identified areas brought greater ROI from the India center and global stakeholders developed a more comprehensive perspective and methodology to scale their presence at the center.

The medium term goal of 15 – 20% productivity improvements and 2x long term benefits were on track.

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