If you are exploring the possibility of setting up your own entity, you would have considered doing so for several reasons – strategic, operational or both.

Whether you have never outsourced offshore or you would like to de-risk your outsourcing strategy through setting up your own entity, there are several challenges you need to be aware of. The risks and challenges of entry into another country coupled with the complexity of a different work culture, and the imperative of ensuring quick wins can be daunting.

At CaptiveAide, we understand the number of pieces that have to fall into place to get you up and running on the road to success. Our single-window capability is the reason our clients pick usto assist them with starting their off-shore journey.


Our comprehensive, single-window approach helps you validate – through our assessment services

  • Whether should set up your entity
  • What processes/ projects you could transition to your entity in India
  • Understand your business case and ROI


Your entry strategy is a key decision for you. Our aim would be ensure a risk-managed, soft landing strategy in an optimal location. Our array of solutions include:

  • Set up (including incubation or warehousing as the initial solution)
  • Partnerships/Joint Venture services
  • Acquisition & Integration services
  • De-risked Build-Operate-Transfer (D-BOT) model


We take up the responsibility to advise on location, develop your Playbook, set-up your physical center, build & transition, stabilize & run your local entity on behalf of the business. As your local corporate function, we provide local governance and oversight.

Risk Free Setup through Run and Build of an India captive entity to leverage India and build globally competitive service models, for one of the world’s leading outsourcing advisory firms.

Our client wished to leverage the advantages of India to be more competitive in the global marketplace for their consulting services. They also had, via an acquisition, an existing entity in India, that developed a proprietary product for the company.

CaptiveAide’s approach was to set up a new, company-owned entity in India and merge the existing entity into the new company.

We helped develop the business case and budgets and used our Entry-Transition-Operate-Transform-Switch (ETOTS) Model to execute the transition plan.

Our work included completing the location study and identifying the right facilities, providing the design for IT infrastructure and employee facilities and ensuring the set-up was ready in time for the first batch of recruits. We deployed our ecosystem partners to provide support across Finance, IT, Administration, Recruitment and HR Administration. We also localized the global HR mandates and policies, developed locally appropriate Role and Compensation structures and provided the core team of managers for the India facility. We also conducted workshops to orient the senior leadership on getting their offshore plan right and also conducted two-way culture workshops

The offshore center provided significant, demonstrable business benefits around operational efficiency and profit uplift to the business. The entire business was eventually acquired and CaptiveAide continued to provide provide local oversight and governance to the India entity till it was acquired and merged into a larger India offshore center.


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