A comprehensive report that empowers future decision-making for your Global Competency Center in India

What you didn’t know about setting up a successful GCC in India - today.

The last three years have seen a significant shift like never before in recent decades. A shift in work methods, personal behaviors, globalization changes and technological advances.

At last count, there are 1,580 GCCs with 1.66 million employees in India. We are seeing a new wave of centers being set up in India and estimates are that 200+ new centers will be set up in the next three to five years. Companies, especially in North America and Western Europe see the many proven advantages of having an India center and are making it an integral part of their overall business strategy.

Will these new centers see the same kind of success that their predecessors have enjoyed??

This report provides you with researched data collected from those who set up GCCs in India in the last three years. You will find contrasting information about these issues today vis a vis the storied past. Finally, based on that, a directional view of what would accelerate the success of a new entrant today.

India GCCs: Here to stay

As expected, significant cost savings, access to a deep talent pool and IP protection are still the main drivers for enterprises to set up their GCCs in India.

There are interesting difference in priorities between companies of different revenue size. These cover the spectrum of factors from the key business drivers to their current ambitions, major challenges and preferred location for setting up their GCCs.

Drivers to set up a GCC in India

Entry and Partnership Strategies

The study delved into the entry and partnership strategies adopted by organizations in setting up their GCCs in India, shedding light on the diverse approaches employed to establish GCCs in India.

There are four distinct entry models that enterprises adopt to set-up their India GCCs: By aligning entry strategies with organizational objectives, risk tolerance, and market dynamics, organizations can optimize their GCC establishment efforts, drive operational excellence, and achieve sustainable growth.

Establishing a Global Capability Center (GCC) in India necessitates strategic collaboration with local India based partners to navigate the complexities of market entry, regulatory compliance, talent acquisition, and operational excellence.

The study delves into the criteria employed by organizations in selecting partners to support in setting up their India GCCs, shedding light on the key considerations driving partner selection decisions. The choice of partners plays a pivotal role in shaping the success and sustainability of GCC establishment efforts in India.

CaptiveAide’s ecosystem

4F or the Top 4 Areas of Focus for new centers

Setting up a new Global In-house Center (GCC) in India presents numerous opportunities for organizations seeking to leverage talent, reduce costs, and expand their global footprint. However, along with these opportunities come inherent risks that must be carefully managed to ensure the success and sustainability of the venture.

Understanding these Focus Areas and having well thought our strategies to tackling them are essential for the successful setup and operation of a GCC in India.

The four top Four Focus Areas have been identified:

Organizations that are planning to come in and setup GCC entities in India stand to benefit from the findings of the study and recommendations thereof.

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